Quinoa Porridge

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It sets a precedent for the rest of the day. I need good, quality fuel in the morning to get me going and porridge is a go-to breakfast for me. I love this porridge! It has been a favorite breakfast of mine for years. This […]


I make pancakes every week. Every. Single. Week. My family begs for pancakes. They adore pancakes. They love pancakes topped with pure maple syrup, fruit, nut butter, drizzled with chocolate sauce…they love eating pancake sandwiches or plain pancakes. (I might begin to sound like a Dr. Seuss book here – Green Eggs and Ham anyone?) […]

Buckwheat, Millet & Quinoa Granola

I have always been a granola girl. I love to eat granola for breakfast, but I also love to eat it as a hearty snack. I wanted to highlight some not-so-common whole grains in this recipe – buckwheat, millet, quinoa – they all have impressive nutrient profiles along with good texture and flavor. Did you […]

Chocolate Cherry Berry Smoothie

Chocolate for breakfast. That’s how we roll around here. Let me give you a few reasons why we love to start out our day with chocolate. Now, I am not suggesting that we eat chocolate candy bars. No, not that kind of refined chocolate. We indulge in raw cacao. Cacao beans are rich in natural […]

Coconut Waffles

I make waffles every week. Every. Single. Week. I always double or triple or quadruple the recipe so I can freeze them for the week. Then we simply reheat the waffles in the toaster on busy mornings. This saves my bacon on crazy mornings! So, I don’t eat bacon, but you get my point. This […]

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding

Do not be fooled by the little chia seed. Just because it is tiny, does not mean it isn’t a power-packed nutritional source. Chia seeds are full of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorous…to name a few. Chia seeds produce mucilage when soaked, so they turn a bit “slippery” kind of […]

Peach Breakfast Parfait with Avocado Cream

This parfait is so refreshing for breakfast! I have made this many times and always enjoy it with peaches or nectarines. The avocado cream gives a sweet, yummy richness to this parfait and you can’t skip the nice crunch of the nuts! Avocados are rich in healthy fat, vitamin E, potassium, some B vitamins, fiber…I […]

Lemon Blueberry Waffles

I LOVE this waffle recipe. I mean really LOVE. The crisp, golden outside enveloped in maple syrup and soft center with plump blueberries bursting in my mouth…heavenly! I think these waffles kind of taste like a yummy pastry. Really. Maybe it’s the lemon blueberry combination. There is something about these waffles that is quite addicting. […]