Scrambled “Eggs” with Baby Spinach

Garbanzo bean flour is pretty cool to work with. Did you know you can get the mouthfeel of scrambled eggs with this flour?!! Now, let’s take a look at the nutrition between these two foods: 2 scrambled eggs gives you about 199 calories, 15.2 grams of fat, 13 grams of protein, and 0 fiber. This […]

Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Porridge

Porridge. Doesn’t it just conjure up images of Goldilocks and three bears? Well, this porridge happens to be JUST RIGHT! We are entering the season of all things pumpkin and I couldn’t be more excited! I adore pumpkin. With all of its health-promoting phytonutrients, gorgeous color, and delicious flavor…what’s not to love? Pair pumpkin with […]

Coconut Millet Breakfast Bowl

Millet is one of my favorite gluten-free grains! It is very easy to digest and oh so tasty! It is a good source of vitamins and minerals and is neutral in flavor – making it a great canvas for different flavor profiles. I LOVE this breakfast bowl. LOVE. I make this every week and enjoy […]

Sorghum Breakfast Bowl

There is something very comforting about a bowl of hot cereal in the morning. One of my fondest childhood memories is waking up to a warm bowl of cracked wheat cereal with raisins, nuts, honey and milk. (This is a bit ironic that one of my favorite food memories is of wheat! Ha-ha!) Well, I […]

Whole-Grain Gluten-Free Bread

I’m definitely a homemade bread kind of girl. I love the smell of baking bread that envelopes my whole house. It draws everyone in to the kitchen with eyes wide and mouths watering. Now, let’s talk gluten-free bread baking. It is a science to be sure. I can’t even count how many gummy loaves or […]

3 Seed and Pear Granola

You know when you buy a food item in bulk and you find yourself getting creative with said food item? I think buying in bulk is the mother of invention…I bought quite a few beautiful pears, so here is another pear recipe. This granola is awesome! I love this granola recipe that contains whole grains, but […]

Vanilla French Toast

This golden french toast is so nice to wake up to! It’s slightly nutty with warm spice undertones and then the maple syrup takes it over the top. It’s absolutely delicious and pretty much addicting…my husband ate six pieces without batting an eye. I love to serve this with non-dairy butter, fresh fruit and maple […]

Raw Apricot Jam

My friend has an apricot tree. It is a lovely tree. How fortunate that I am her friend to receive fresh apricots! I decided to whip up some fresh apricot jam…this literally took me 15 minutes to make. So simple. So fresh. So delicious. The chia seeds help give this jam body, texture, and some […]

Raw Power Breakfast Cereal

Can I let you in on a little breakfast secret of mine? Cereal. But not just any boxed cereal mind you. This cereal is my power cereal.  It definitely deserves this adjective because it keeps me going strong all morning! Look at that laundry list of phytonutrients, whole-food fats, fiber and deliciousness! I love the […]