Hi! My name is Niky Wallin. I am a plant-based health educator and certified plant-based cook. My job is to help you get healthy and look good – on the inside! I am what you call a health-stylist. Let’s break it down.

Health: the condition of being well or free from disease + Stylist: a person whose job is to make something look attractive.

There you have it! I help style you from the inside out!

What is your health style? I have learned from coaching many clients through the years that the answer to this question is a little different for everyone. Maybe you suffer from a chronic health condition and your doctor has encouraged you to change your diet. Maybe you suffer from an unhealthy relationship with food and you need to change your eating behavior. Maybe you suffer from food allergies and you need to modify what you eat. Whatever your issues are there is a way to heal through food – the right food. I have learned the power of a whole-food, plant-based diet. It is quite remarkable. I have witnessed many individuals change their health style and literally save their lives through a whole-food, plant-based diet. I always remind everyone I work with that there is no “quick-fix” to any health issue or problem. It takes time and effort, but dedicated time and effort to your personal health pays off in being free from disease and feeling well.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” Hippocrates.

After graduating in Health from a University, I felt like I had been well taught in the field of exercise, nutrition, and behavior change. I worked in corporate wellness and taught nutrition/healthy lifestyle classes. I taught about exercise and the importance of moving our bodies. I taught about stress and the deleterious impact it can have on our minds, bodies, and spirits. I taught about macronutrients and micronutrients. I taught recipe modifications and how to navigate the grocery store for a healthy diet. I taught about the food pyramid and how we need meat and dairy to be “healthy”. I taught what I had learned from experts in the field and felt that my knowledge and beliefs were absolutely correct.

Life has an interesting way of teaching us through adversity, doesn’t it? A curve-ball was thrown my way after the birth of my second son. I dropped down to an unhealthy weight, despite eating all the time. I had frequent stomach aches, nausea, fatigue, bouts of diarrhea, depression, and anxiety. I had no energy to exercise and my stress level was through the roof! I visited several doctors and had many tests run, but all the results were normal. I began to wonder if I was going crazy! I started to search for answers. My diet came into question one day and I began connecting the dots between what I put into my mouth and how my body reacted to it. I jumped in with both feet and began a new, steep learning curve into food science. Fast forward to now. My health style has changed dramatically…for the better! I have embraced a profound truth that we truly are what we eat. Food can play a powerful role in transforming our lives. So, go ahead – subscribe by email, look through my recipe collection, and read about whole-foods, plants, and allergies. You can reverse many diseases and chronic conditions in your life. You can look good on the inside and feel even better!